Malcolm Earl BSc MSc MICE C Eng MaPs Tech Sp - Director.

Malcolm is a chartered civil engineer, with extensive experience in feasibility studies, land reclamation and river protection projects.  Malcolm provides specialist geotechnical advice on all aspects of highways work and civil engineering schemes undertaken, with considerable involvement in other schemes outside area.  His responsibilities include organising, supervising, and interpreting site investigation work and contamination aspects, stability assessments and all aspects of detailed geotechnical advice and design – from concept to detailed design, on projects such as reclamation and remediation works, flood alleviation schemes, earthworks and site preparation and infrastructure works.  Notable projects that he has worked on include the reclamation of South Celynen Colliery in Newbridge, numerous windfarms and many other projects.  His responsibilities also include Health and Safety, Project Risk Management, and Quality.

Peter Bateman BSc (Hons) FGS - Director.

Peter’s background is with the former British Coal, when he was their Regional Mining Geologist responsible for South Wales. He joined Intégral in 1990 bringing a detailed knowledge of mineral working in the area, which has proved invaluable in the engineering assessment of much development land in South Wales. Peter is involved in the investigation and assessment of a range of sites in South Wales and western England, and specialises in the assessment of mining related hazards.

Huw Pritchard BEng (Hons) - Director.

Huw has over twenty year’s professional experience with a background in civil and structural engineering consultancy within both private sector consultancy and public sector bodies. He spent six years as the South Wales based Regional Engineer for Westbury Homes before joining Integral Geotechnique in 2004. Huw’s specialism is the technical and commercial appraisal of Brownfield and geotechnically challenging land for acquisition for development of all types. He is additionally responsible for the firm’s commercial and financial matters.

Rob Bathurst BSc (Hons) Msc FGS - Principal Geotechnical/Geo-environmental Engineer.

Rob is a multidisciplinary engineer with expertise in both geotechnical and geoenvironmental engineering.  With over twelve years’ experience working in an active consultancy and with a proven track record in delivering projects to our Client’s needs, Rob is well placed to head the Contaminated Land division of Intégral Géotechnique.  Rob is a specialist in undertaking both qualitative and quantitative human health and groundwater risk assessments, designing and implementing remediation strategies and supervising site works through to obtaining regulatory approval.  Rob tends to deal with large scale reclamation and remediation projects and is currently project managing a number of large schemes throughout South Wales.

Andrew Figgis BSc (Hons) – Principal Engineering Geologist

Andy is an experienced engineering geologist who has worked for over 26 years within the site investigation industry and whose responsibilities included the planning and implementation of numerous ground investigations from contract award to a successful and profitable completion. Andy has experience working on brownfield or contaminated land sites, wind farms, residential developments, gas pipelines, road schemes, flood alleviation schemes and overwater drilling contracts. He is proficient in the preparation and review of CDM Health and Safety plans and has a practised working knowledge of soil and rock logging and in situ testing, in accordance current British and Eurocodes Standards. His current responsibilities include undertaking site investigations and the supervision of remediation/reclamation schemes.

Tony Dixon I Eng AMICE - Senior Project Engineer

Tony has in depth experience of the UK contracting scene and has a hand in most of if not all of Intégral’s site reclamation/earthworks projects. He has specialist knowledge of construction materials and earthworks, and in his role at Intégral, has responsibility for technical direction of site operations, implementation of remediation/reclamation strategies and site certification and validation.

Peter Davies B Eng - Geotechnical Engineer
Peter has a contracting background, and specialises in the supervision and management of earthworks contracts, mineworkings stabilisation, site remediation and ground stabilisation. He has handled the site supervision aspects many sizeable projects for Intégral over the years.

 Jack Jones BSc (Hons) MSc ARSM FGS – Geotechnical Engineer

Jack has a First Class Honours degree in Geophysics from Imperial College London and an MSc in Applied Environmental Geology from Cardiff University, for which he was awarded a distinction. Jack’s role as a Geotechnical Engineer involves the design and implementation of site investigations, liaison with clients and landowners, acquisition of geotechnical and geoenvironmental data followed by factual and interpretative reporting on a range of schemes in housing and energy sectors.

 Roger Hawkins - Principal Technician

Roger joined Intégral Géotechnique in 2007 as Principal Technician. Roger’s duties include field investigation and sampling of Greenfield and contaminated land materials, environmental monitoring of groundwater, ground gases and vapours to the standards required by Environmental Regulators and the NHBC and other insurance providers.  Roger is a trained specialist in various items of sampling and monitoring equipment including gas analysers, photo ionisation detectors, multi-meters, gresham tubes and nano tubes including tenax for VOC analysis.  Roger is self-sufficient and serviced with a 4 x4 vehicle to allow access to a range of different sites throughout Wales and further afield.  Roger is also routinely responsible for the pre and post Verification/Validation works on a range of reclamation projects with his tasks including both in-situ and ex-situ sampling, analysis, and reporting and confirming completion of remedial works to agreed specification.

Lowri Williams BSc (Hons) MSc FGS – Geoenvironmental Engineer

Lowri Joined Intégral Géotechnique in 2015 having worked in the mining industry in Australia and extensively in and around London.  In Australia Lowri served as an exploration geologist within the coal industry and was responsible for the detailed logging and interpretation of mineral reserves.  Upon return from Australia Lowri was employed in London by a large multi-national consultancy, and was responsible for extensive site investigation works in and around the London area.  Lowri has a keen interest in Geo-environmental science and deals with a wide range of contaminated sites, providing detailed factual and interpretive information for our Clients.

Laura Pullin BEng (Hons) FGS – Geotechnical Engineer

Laura is a qualified civil engineer and specialises in archival and desk study based research.  She has a hand in the majority of reports completed within the company and uses her extensive knowledge to guide and mentor the younger staff.

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